We offer our services to all sectors, including oil & gas, power industries, water treatment, housing developments,  hi-rise developments, factories, to name but a few. TTS has gained unique experience in the construction field, which has enable a modern and adaptable approach to it’s business.  TTS has successfully brought about the completion of infrastructure, accommodation, specialized engineering services, municipal design and construction projects for various government and state departments, and blue-chip companies across the Middle East.

Our Strong reputation has been built on the professional and efficient service we provide to all our clients. Our client list reflects the highest levels of commitment and excellence we deliver. Our approach to project ensures that each project is completed with maximum efficiency and to the highest of standards. TTS owes its success to the hard work and determination shared by all its employees and management, having all previously operated at senior levels of Management and Construction on the International Stage.

TTS advantage means that we provide our clientele with the best people and technology for each job. From initial call, to completion of any project, our full time staff of dedicated professionals is at your disposal. Whether your project is simple or in-depth, if it is associated with Engineering & Construction, TTS has established the Team of Experts and strategic relationships to handle all your needs.

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